Content & Video Production

We have our content production process down to a science. Here’s what it is like to work with us, from creation to implementation.

Content & Video Production Agency in NH & MA

Providing content production services in NH, MA, and the surrounding New England areas.


After the research is completed and the strategy has been mapped out, the creative artists and staff begin their work.  We research who might be most interested in your product and incorporate that into the production concept. If the content requires technical knowledge, we consult experts in the field to ensure we only produce high quality, credible content.


Once the brainstorming is complete and we have a story to tell, design concepts are discussed before everything is presented in a creative brief, so everyone involved understands the content, subject matter, target audience, focus and style of your creative content. When production begins, the creative team works closely with the production team as your video ad is being produced. You will be advised of the progress of production and notified when it is completed. Your input during production is also important. If at any time during production you have questions or concerns, we will be listening. If something needs to be changed or is missing, we will incorporate those changes or additions into the production schedule.

final step

Together, we can create and produce content that informs the consumer but also speaks to them in a way that gets a response. It’s all part of the Blank Canvas philosophy. Regardless of the challenge, we are determined to succeed and so will you. We deliver informative and entertaining content that effectively markets your product to a wide audience. This can result in taking your business to the next level. Let Blank Canvas put together a plan to create original video and photo content that gets attention.

We monitor the effectiveness of your media campaign to make sure you are always aware of your level of success.

Tailored to your needs with a Creative Touch

Our ads are successful because they are not only informative but also visually appealing. We work along side you throughout the process to design the type of media that you will be proud to showcase.