Video Marketing

We design and produce professional video ads with a purpose. Our video ads consider the human condition and try to create a focus that will get a response. 


“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text”


Our Process

Video Marketing Agnecy in NH

Providing video marketing services in NH, MA, and the surrounding New England areas.

Brand Focused Video Marketing

Video ads have been around since the advent of television, but today’s advertising takes it to the next level. With help from our creative team of professionals, Blank Canvas will design and produce video ads that speak to who you are and what you do.

We take pride in producing innovative and entertaining video ads that exemplify the quality of your business. Once we understand your product and objectives, we can design an ad that gets results.

Team defines scope of Video marketing

First, our creative team will meet with you to discuss what aspect of your business you want to focus on for the video ad campaign. Then the team can get to work creating the story to present the product. Certain settings and themes work better for different products. We can discuss which format and setting will work best for you.

After gathering that information, we will take some time to create, design and write the content for your video ad. You will be consulted every step of the way and your input will be necessary.

Experts are finalized for Video marketing

Once our creative teams have completed the content, we will meet with you to discuss every element of the video ad before production begins. The creative team is comprised of highly qualified artists, designers, directors and technicians to produce top quality video ads that truly represent your product. During the production meeting, our creative team will discuss what each department has been working on to make your product shine.

You will have the opportunity for input and to ask questions. This production meeting is key to the overall success of the campaign, because adjustments will be made depending on the information gathered. Once everything has been discussed and agreed on, production will begin on your new Blank Canvas video ad!

Video marketing with Client’s Approval

Actors and voiceover artists will be hired if needed and production crews will be assembled. Once your video ad is ready, you will be able to preview it before the final edit. When the final product is ready, you will have the chance to give your approval before it goes live. You’ll be happy with the way your Blank Canvas video ad represents your product or service.

The response you receive will validate the trust and faith you had in Blank Canvas to create a video ad you can be proud of. Enjoy the benefits of your successful Blank Canvas video ad as the requests for more information start rolling in.